Agrozem Opava, s.r.o.
Prodej lesni a zemedelske techniky

The company AGROZEM Opava s.r.o. is engaged in the sale of forestry and agricultural machinery such as tractors, harvesters, sowing equipment, plows, etc. Another focus of the company is the sale of spare parts, machine parts and accessories such as cardan, plow, manure spreaders, rotators Brand new model of shoes from Bruder.

The storage hall and the company headquarters are located in the village of Vávrovice, where you can find this assortment:

- agricultural machinery
- municipal / utility machinery
- forestry equipment
- spare parts for agricultural machinery
- machine parts and accessories
- gardening tools
- workshop equipment
- Bruder agricultural toys

AGROZEM Opava offers spare parts for agricultural machines for domestic and foreign brands, both in the original and in the replacement. Delivery of goods is ensured by its own transport or personal collection in the warehouse, where it offers the following spare parts:

 - presses
 - cutters
 - sprayers
 - gates and skids
 - seed drills
 - twine, netting,
 - stretch and silage foils
 - workshop and garden tools
 - cardan joints
 - plows
 - forage wagons
 - manure spreaders
 - mowing technology
 - gates
 - tedders
 - tractor trailers and slurry
 - semitrailers
 - harvesters
 - stable mechanization
 - BRUDER agricultural theme toys.

The company offers a wide range of machine parts and accessories:

 - V-belts and pulleys
 - bearings
 - oil seals
 - o-rings
 - seger fuses
 - cuffs
 - low or high pressure hoses and hose clamps
 - lubrication technology, oils and lubricants
 - mine and roller chains or sprockets
 - hydraulics
 - steel ropes
 - car batteries
 - Springs
 - fasteners
  - tires.

Visit AGROZEM Opava in Vávrovice to find everything you need, whether you are a new or an existing customer. In urgent cases it is possible to arrange an individual agreement outside opening hours.

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