Horske lazne Karlova Studanka


Karlova Studánka - horské lázně

The mountain spa Karlova Studanka is located in the Czech Republic, at the foot of Praded, the highest mountain of the Moravian-Silesian Region. It offers spa and curative stays for seniors, persons with heart problems, allergies, asthma, as well as regeneration for sportsmen in the natural surroundings with the cleanest air in the Czech Republic and a unique mountain architectural style.

The basic mean of healing included in the wide range of our procedures is a bath with high content of carbonic and metasilicic acid, which is further complemented by other procedures

Inhalation therapy

- for patients suffering from the upper and lower respiratory tract diseases
- using natural mineral water and healing solutions
- using the Alfamedic inhalers and Omron ultrasonic devices
- treatment: humidification of mucosa, discharging secretions, dampening inflammatory response, reducing the urge to cough and other

Treading bath

- small tubs equipped with acupressure mats
- alternately treading in warm and cold water while massaging the acupressure points on the foot sole

Ingredient bath

- using thermal and mechanical effects of water, actions of additive substances - minerals, plant extracts, essential oils
- therapy of skin diseases, respiratory diseases
- sedative, relaxation effects

Whirlpool bath

- 37°C water bubbling by air coming from the bottom of the bathtub
- gentle stimulation by the bubbles calms down and leads to relaxation
- suitable also for children

Classical massage

- mechanotherapy influencing local and overall conditions, difficulties caused by illness, injury, tiredness
- effects: improving blood circulation, reducing pain, enhancing muscle activity, absorption of swellings, calming and invigorating effect and other

Individual rehabilitation

- using various techniques to improve the patient's condition

Individual respiratory rehabilitation

- breathing gymnastics - overall static breathing, overall dynamic breathing, localized breathing

Individual motion rehabilitation

- restoring or improving the function of the musculoskeletal system
- stretching shortened muscles, strengthening weak muscles
- improving the function of joints and spine - using soft techniques and mobilization

Salt cave

- air saturated with compounds of iodine, calcium, magnesium, sodium, bromine and other substances - correct functioning of the organs in human body, skin softening and cleaning
- treatment of the upper and lower respiratory tract chronic diseases, cardiovascular problems, hypertension, decreased thyroid function, disease from overworking and others

Swimming pool complex

- thermal pool of the width 8 m, depth 1 and 3 m, length 13 and 8 m
- tepidarium, Finnish sauna, cooling elements

Other services

- spaces for holding congresses, corporate events or balls - capacity 10 - 300 people, accommodation capacity 450 beds, parking for up to 200 cars
- fitness room
- gym
- hiking
- cross country skiing
- nordic walking
- providing ski passes
- musical program

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