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Bochenkova 2578/2
Opava 746 01

ABC barvy s.r.o.

Paints - varnishes complete in Opava is a chain of specialty shops with a complete range of interior and facade paints, varnishes, glazes, adhesives and painting supplies. We also offer color mixing while you wait in our tinting center in Opava.

Wholesale, retail, sale, supply:

- interior paint colors
- facade paints
- penetration
- putty, putty, plaster, toning preparations
- Synthetic (solvent) opaque paints
- water-borne topcoats

- glazes and wood impregnants
- varnishes, waxes, wood oils
- plaster mixtures
- aqua degreaser
- solvents, technical fluids
- spraying technology
Industrial paint
- concrete paints
- ProHB paints - interior and facade paints for professional use.

Our product range includes products of the following brands:
 - HET - interior and facade colors, colored plaster
 - MISTRAL - facade paints and colored plaster, mosaic mixtures
- SOKRATES - varnished wood varnishes
- Pellachrom - interior and facade paints, water-based and synthetic enamels
- CAPAROL - facade and interior colors, colored plaster mixtures and synthetic enamels
- TIKKURILA - industrial paints

For use in interior colors we offer a range of three products (standard, interior, classic), for exterior use facade in acrylic version. These products are tinted according to the sample books.

The professional staff of our company will always be happy to advise you on the choice of colors and the right choice of painting and varnishing needs.

Services, consulting:

- Tinting and mixing colors while you wait
- interior and facade designs
 - coating measurement
- delivery of goods by agreement
- professional spraying technology for sale and rent.

We look forward to your visit. You can find our store on Bochenkova Street in Opava.

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ABC barvy s.r.o.
Bochenkova 2578/2
Opava 746 01
GPS: 49°56′35.48″ N, 17°53′27.49″ E

49°56′35.48″ N, 17°53′27.49″ E

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Bochenkova 2578/2
Opava 746 01
+420 553 730 730

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