SK Fasady s.r.o.

SK FASÁDY Company provides special facade cleaning and focuses on graffite removal, surface protection and facade cleaning including consultancy. We cooperate with the Swedish company Trion Tensid AB, which develops its own technologies and products, has a rich experience in the field of graffite, old paint, paint and varnish removal.

We use Trion Tensid AB technologies, processes and products that are highly effective. The products are user friendly and are divided into AGS, BPS and TCS product groups according to the nature of their intended use and use.

Offer of products and services:

- antigraffiti system - graffiti removal
- surface protection against graffites
- cleaning, treatment and protection of building surfaces, plasters, roofs, facades and wagons
- special cleaning in industrial buildings and public facilities
- removal of dirt - smog, algae, mosses, fungi and molds
- surface impregnation
- consulting
- sales and practical demonstrations of the use of AGS, BPS and TCS products.

We operate in the whole Moravian-Silesian Region.

Building Protection System:
- alkaline, acidic, neutral cleaning
- removal of color coatings
- impregnation
- removal of mosses, molds, fungi.

TCS - Tensid Cleaning System
- special cleaning for industry and public facilities.

KEIMFARBEN - sales and technical representation - sale of paints with full technical and consulting services. As a comprehensive service, if required, we coat the facades and interiors with Keim products.

TUBAG - sale of special routes-lime plaster and remediation mixtures for mostly historical reconstructions and remediation.

MC Bauchémie - sale of materials for additional indoor and outdoor rehabilitation of damp masonry (below and above the terrain), moisture regulating plasters, concrete rehabilitation.

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