VETERINARNI KLINIKA MVDr. Radomira Hynara s.r.o.

Veterinary Hospital MVDr. Radomíra Hynar s.r.o. of Opava is the only surgery in northern Moravia that provides the most comprehensive veterinary care and hospital non-stop emergency for small, large and exotic animals.

In addition to vaccination, chipping and other common tasks, we provide top professional care in the areas of chirugia, orthopedics, neurology, orthodontics, cardiology and alternative treatments.

All procedures are performed under inhalation anesthesia only.

We specialize in surgical, orthopedic and other specialized tasks:

 - X-ray DDK, DKL, patella and spine
 - fracture fixation by external and internal osteosynthesis (myelography, laminectomy)
 - spine surgery in case of injury, polio, paresis
 - orthopedic procedures on joints (crossed ligaments, elbows, carpal joints, patella luxation)
 - arthroscopic procedures on the joints
 - dental procedures - sealing, OZK, extraction, treatment of oral cavity
 - intra-thoracic procedures
 - inhalation anesthesia, laparocoscopic procedures in the abdomen, chest, neck, etc.
 - insertion of endotracheal stents in tracheal collapse
 - controlled resuscitation, ICU operation, insemination
 - immobilization of narcotization weapons


 - cardiology - X-ray, pressure measurement, ECG, ultrasonography, echocardiology
 - biochemical - blood including progesterone, T 4 and specific amylase
 - haematological, cytological, ENT, histological, biopsy
 - blood gases and acid-base balance
 - bacteriological, mycological, parasitological
 - ultrasound - pregnancy, number of fruits, heart
 - ophtalmological - ophtalmoscope, tonometer, conjunctival surgery
 - endoscopic including procedures - gastroscopy, enteroscopy
 - dermatological, allergic

As the only one in the Czech Republic we use 3D CT - computer tomography, which is the highest level of X-ray diagnostics and recognizes even small objects in large and small animals.

All procedures are performed using the latest technology, such as inhalation anesthesia.

We are constantly improving the level and quality of our services, so you can also find:

 - beauty salon for complete treatment of dogs and cats - combing hair, combing undercoat, shearing, bathing, nail shortening, ear cleaning, etc.

 - hospital room with a capacity of 5 boxes and with underfloor heating 30 ° C, each box is equipped with a camera that the doctor monitors day and night

 - waiting room and hospital room separately for dogs and cats

 - X-ray room, operating room where strong asepsis applies, such as the use of disposable suits, drapes and caps

We also focus on alternative homeopathic treatment, rehabilitation, massage, postoperative hospitalization, ICU, dog hotel, feed sale, on-line counseling, aquatic medicine and fast ambulance service.

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