Zahradnictvi a kvetinarstvi Bellis
Lenka Nenickova

Brnenska 3120/86, Prostejov 796 01
Bellis L + L florist and horticulture provides its customers with a diverse range of services. We sell potted and cut flowers, we provide wedding and funeral bouquets, arrange for various cultural, social or sports events. You can also buy a wide range of gardening supplies from us.

Florist services:
- flower arrangements - flower arrangements
- bouquets - wedding bouquets, funereal bouquets for special occasions
- wedding and funeral bouquets
- Bound bouquets for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or special occasions
- potted flowers
- arrangement
- flower delivery - flowers and other goods can be ordered online.

Horticulture, sale:
- a large selection of ornamental trees and shrubs
- fruit trees
- flowers
- hanging flower pots
- bark.
- production of advent wreaths, candlesticks, holiday decorations.

- gardening, gardening supplies
- fertilizers, sprays
- seeds, bulbs
- soil
- packaging and flowerpots .... etc.

Online florist with cut and room delivery:
- a wide selection of cut flowers for every occasion for women and men, wedding and funeral bouquets, but also houseplants and gardening supplies.

You can visit us at Brněnská 3120/86, Žižkovo nám. 9, settl. Svobody - area Haná and Pasáž
Plumlovská in Prostějov.

  • flower deliveries, individual bouquets, wedding bouquets, funeral bouquets, original bouquets, flower decorations
  • sales of decorative plant seeds, fruit seeds, vegetable seeds, products against weeds, fertilizers and composts
  • distribution of deciduous trees, sales of substrate and fertilizers, grass seed, decorative bark, decorative trees and bushes, flower and plant seedlings

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