Benes Bohunovice spol. s r.o.

The company Benes Bohunovice spol. s r.o. focuses on the production of wooden pallets and packaging in and around Olomouc. Choose from us new and used pallets including wooden boxes and EUR pallets. Besides production, we naturally also treat and heat the pallets.

Production, wood production, sale and distribution:
- 1200x800 (1200x1000) plain wooden pallets with higher and lower load capacity
- atypical pallets - dimensions and design according to customer's wish
- EUR pallets - marked
- wooden, atypical pallets, EUR, used pallets
- boxes, cases and baskets
- pallets for the production of furniture for home and garden
- pallet cuts and inserts
- heat treatment of pallets
- pallet treatment.

We provide delivery of pallets to customers.

According to the customer's needs we provide thermal treatment of products according to the new International Fitosanitary Standard - ISPM No. 15 Dec

Purchase, purchase, sale:
- EUR light and dark pallets used.

We also offer:
- custom interiors in retail
- home and garden accessories according to the customer (pergolas, benches, etc.)
- sale of DIY lumber.

A Declaration of Conformity has been issued for pallets.

Pallets meet all requirements of valid technical regulations and standards.

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