Jan Grezl, Sylva Grezlova

Tým spolupracovníků

  • car washing, car bonnet treatment, car chassis washing, hand washing of vehicles, cleaning of vehicle interiors, high-pressure cleaner wap, rental of car vacuum cleaners
  • accommodation in pensions, family accommodation, full board, sanitary facilities
  • property management, property maintenance, building cleaning, repairs of estate utilities, bookkeeping for condominium, property repair planning
  • safeguarding of buildings, protection of people, central security desk, security systems, detective services, home security
  • household cleaning, cleaning of public spaces, cleaning buildings and windows, vacuuming carpets, linen ironing, dusting and floor cleaning
  • high pressure washing machines, industrial vacuum cleaners, floor cleaning machines, sweeping machines, carpet cleaners, brush vacuum cleaners, floor washers

Czech Companies:    Boarding houses, Rooming houses,  Building administration and maintenance,  Car washes,  Cleaning and cleansing equipment,  Cleaning services,  Security agencies,