INSTA CZ s.r.o.

Company INSTA CZ s.r.o. operates as a reliable supplier in the field of construction and reconstruction of water management and engineering structures. We are engaged in the complete implementation of sewerage, water supply, sewage treatment plants, roads, bridges and the like. We also provide revitalization of squares and housing estates and our project also includes project documentation.

Construction activity:
 - water management structures
 - utilities
 - roads, transport structures
 - design activities, project documentation.

Construction, reconstruction:
 - water mains
 - water treatment plants, reservoirs
 - waste water treatment plants, WWTP
 - vacuum and pressure sewers
 - pumping and vacuum stations
 - adjustment of streams, restoration of ponds
 - revitalization of squares and housing estates
 - parking and parking areas
 - cycle paths
 - paved areas, roads, roads, sidewalks
 - laying of bituminous surfaces.

Another services:
 - national freight and passenger transport
 - car workshop, truck repairs
 - locksmith production
 - electrical and wiring works
 - petrol stations
 - Rental of small machinery: vibrating equipment, pumps, cutting equipment, joint cutters, generators
 - monitoring and cleaning of sewer systems
 - operation of water supply and sewerage systems for public use, production and supply of drinking water.

Office building:
 - address: Kralicky Haj 322, 798 12 Prostejov - Kralice na Hane.
Center Prostějov:
 - address: Kojetínská 2, 798 01 Prostějov
 - rental of construction equipment, tel. 725 032 576
 - petrol stations
 - autodílna.

 - Address: Jeremenkova 1142/42, 772 00 Olomouc.

If you are interested in our offer, we will be glad if you contact us. We are looking forward to a potential cooperation.

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INSTA CZ s.r.o.


Kralicky Haj 322
Prostejov - Kralice na Hane 798 12
+420 582 347 522

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