JELINEK - TRADING spol. s r.o.

Krelov, REGENA, Krelov-Bruchotin 783 36
The company JELÍNEK - TRADING spol. s.r.o. is one of the largest processors of plastic waste and on its recycling line in Krelov provides recycling of plastics and also specializes in the production of PP regranulates and compounds.

Plastics recycling is very important because:
- protect the environment,
- reduces production costs,
- brings further possibilities of utilization of these raw materials.

We provide recycling:
- regranulation,
- agglomerations,
- crushing,
- grinding.

We specialize in regranulation of waste PP, LDPE and other plastic waste. We also process the following polymer wastes:
- PA,
- PS,
- ABS,
- PC and more.

Regranulation is divided according to production method into:
- dry,
- wet.

Our regranulates can also be colored according to customers' wishes. In addition to regranulation, we carry out, among other things, compounding, by means of which we create mixtures from polymers - compounding.

Compassing has three parts:
- dispensing system,
- heated double auger and filtration system,
- granulation system.

Compounds are suitable for:
- injection,
- blow molding,
- extrusion,
- rotary casting.

Thanks to compounding, it is possible to mix different polymer blends together to offer our customers new materials to meet their requirements.

  • installation of waste basket networks, waste separation, waste disposal, direct recycling, indirect recycling
  • production of plastic workpieces, plastic pipes and plates, sections of plastics, formatted blanks, plastic parts

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