Uklidova firma Geisler

Perinova 4, Olomouc - Cernovir 779 00
Geisler cleaning company will provide you with professional one-time, regular and long-term cleaning services for households and companies. We have been here for you since 1997, thanks to which our proven staff will provide you with the highest quality services, not only in Olomouc and Brno, but also throughout the Czech Republic.

Our cleaning company focuses on:
- cleaning work, cleaning service
- professional cleaning companies
- one-time, regular, long-term, complete, professional cleaning
- pre-approval, building cleaning
- cleaning by painters
- general cleaning
- cleaning of halls, administrative premises, households, houses, companies, offices, attics and cellars, industrial halls
- washing windows at height, high-rise buildings
- work at heights, high-altitude washing of buildings (washing of windows and shop windows)
- cleaning carpets, upholstered furniture
- treatment of all floor coverings.

We also deal with summer and winter maintenance of greenery:
- garden cleaning
- cleaning, cleaning and maintenance of sidewalks or outdoor roads
- maintenance of grassy areas (lawn mowing), indoor greenery
- vegetation modification (pruning and pruning of trees and shrubs)
- cultivation of areas
- regular cuts of hedges
- snow removal
- disposal of biowaste, waste.

At the same time, we also specialize in the design and implementation of indoor and outdoor greenery.

In our headquarters in Olomouc, you can visit a shop and service of sanitary ware and equipment, where we will be happy to advise you on how to choose the right cleaning agents or equipment.
Sales and service:
- sanitary ware
- detergents
- cleaning equipment, machines
- eco resources
- residential and industrial drugstore, chemistry
- protective equipment
- cleaning equipment
- floor machines.

Goods can also be ordered online, thanks to the operation of an e-shop in which you can choose:
- residential and industrial drugstore
- consumer cosmetics
- cleaning chemicals, including protective equipment
- cleaning aids and equipment
- floor machines for machine washing.

  • comprehensive landscaping, garden arrangements, park design, territorial system of ecological stability, revitalization of watercourses, landscape reclamation, alley planting, elimination of invasive plant species
  • garden designs, landscape designer services, landscaping design, designing of irrigation systems, garden pond designing
  • complete hygienic service, carpet vacuum cleaning, floor and window cleaning, sanitary facility cleaning, cleaning after painting
  • women's make-ups, men's cosmetics, women's deodorants, men's antiperspirants, washing powders and detergents, fragrances and perfumes, toilet waters, women's cosmetics, body lotions, shower gels, hair shampoos
  • ear protectors, protective goggles, helmets, protective masks, work gloves
  • high pressure washing machines, industrial vacuum cleaners, floor cleaning machines, sweeping machines, carpet cleaners, brush vacuum cleaners, floor washers

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