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Atelier ZUZI

If you want to have a beautiful home, interestingly designed interior, house or apartment, then entrust everything to the company Projection atelier ZUZI s.r.o. in Olomouc, which really enjoys living and interior design. He is a professional in the field of redesign, restyling and homestaging of residential and commercial interiors.

ZUZI s.r.o. will help you to better housing!

We cooperate with prominent architects and design studios not only from Olomouc. We will provide not only interior design, but also a complete supply including construction work related to the interior.

Interiors - interior design with a feeling for space:
- residential and commercial interiors, offices, panel flats, development buildings
- redesign, restyling of residential and commercial interiors
- interior reconstruction
- complete supply of interiors on a turnkey basis or according to your own design
- civic amenities (schools, kindergartens, hairdressers, cafes, atypical interiors)
- residential, architectural designs made to measure
- conservatories
- pergolas, attic
- surroundings of the house and garden.

Projects - authorized civil engineer:
- long-term experience in independent designing of buildings for housing and administration, but also as chief engineer of the project
- designs of family houses, including interiors, apartment and panel and developer houses, office buildings, commercial buildings
- reconstruction and new buildings.

Homestaging - preparing your apartment or house for sale or rent.

We always respect the tried and tested procedures and solutions. Quality materials are a priority for us in designing.

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