SEFRAN s.r.o.

  • clay roof tiles, slate slabs, shingle roofing, concrete roof tiles, plastic roofing, asphalt roof coating, metal sheet roofing, slate boards, thatch roofing

  • metallurgical materials, hanging systems, small hardware, iron hooks, strips for ironmongery, metal mesh

The company SEFRAN s.r.o. is a reliable supplier of roofing in the Šumperk region and we focus primarily on the sale of roofing, accessories and materials for all types of roofs. You can choose from a rich assortment of roof battens, flap boards or gutters and gutters, not only in our stone shop, but also in the e-shop. Our other activities include the production of plumbing elements and bending equipment.

Sales of quality roofing and materials:
Which covering will you choose from us
- concrete (Bramac, KM Beta, Mediterran)
- bituminous corrugated roofing (Gutta, Onduline)
- Burnt (Tondach)
- plastic (Capacco, Eureko)
- sheet metal (Evergreen, Plannja, Rova, Ruukki, Satjam)
- fiber cement smooth, rustic, wavy
- other coverings can be provided by agreement.

You can also find here:
- cladding boards
- gutter systems (copper, titanium zinc, galvanized)
- colored gutter system
- PVC cell and corrugated sheets
- cardboard and insulating tapes
- gutters, gutters, downspouts, boards, sheets, plumbing elements in the color of the roofing
- roof battens
- roof flap boards
- trapezoids
- skylights (Fakro, Fenestra, Velux)
- shingles.

Roofing accessories
- gutter systems made of metallic materials
- roof gutters and downpipes
- kettles and knees
- accessories for gutters, downspouts and roofs.

We provide our customers with the following services:
- quantity discounts
- free advice in the field
- possibility to provide transport, transport in the region
- delivery of goods within 24 hours.
- car with hydraulic arm.

Production of plumbing elements:
- bending equipment, length 4m, 3m.

Types of roofing:
- VLTAVA - asbestos-free, corrugated roofing "A", "B"
- ONDULINE, GUTTA - light, colorful corrugated roofing
- VLTAVA, ONDULINE, KEYSTONE - translucent modules, polycarbonate
- DOMINANT, DAKORA - asbestos-free, roofing - rustic
- German square - smooth roofing, rustic
- BETTERNIT, DAKORA - asbestos-free, smooth covering
- SATJAM, RUUKKI, PLANNJA, ROVA, OMAK, BORGA, ARCELOR MITTAL - steel, light roofing, colored
- KM BETA, BRAMAC - concrete roofing MEDITERRAN
- TONDACH - fired roofing
- EUREKO, CAPACCO - plastic roofing - templates
- trapezoidal sheets - galvanized, colored
- CEMBONIT - fiber cement facade boards
- CEMVIN - interior fire boards
- CETRIS, OSB - pressed interior boards
- VELUX, FAKRO - skylights - ROTO, DAKEA

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