Pneuservis Fiala
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  • complete service of car repair shop, repairs of cars, repairs of trucks, replacement of car parts

  • replacement of car tires, truck tire replacement, tyre repair, retreading of tires, wheel balancing, tire storage

  • cars and motorcycles, trucks and lorries, four-wheelers and minibikes, agricultural equipment

  • front windscreens, side windshields, rear windshields, roof window glass, tinting of windshields, windscreen repairs, replacement of windshields

Our Fiala Tire Service will take care of your car completely whether you need new tires, wheels or retreads. We also operate as a car service, in which we focus on repairing broken glass (windshield) or air conditioning service. We provide our services not only in Konice, but also in Prostějov and surroundings.

Tire service:

- moto tires - complete
- personal, delivery, freight, tractor, special, construction tires, inner tubes
- protectors - passenger, freight, tractor, construction
- discs, steel, Al discs
- tire repair (hot vulcanization) all kinds
- soul repairs
- washing tires in a high-pressure washer
- disposal of used tires
- laser geometry
- adjustment of the lights
- shock absorbers, pins, brakes
- oil changes
- deepening of tire tread patterns
- MICHELIN tires, KLEBER tires, Bf Goodrich tires, Kormoran tires, Barum tires, Continental tires, Uniroyal tires, Semperit tires, Matador tires, Nokian tires, Hankook tires.

Car service:

- car repairs
- replacement of windshields
- windshield repairs
- service, filling, vacuuming, cleaning, air conditioning disinfection
- diagnostics
- geometry
- preparation for MOT
- exchange, including administration.

We take care of your car professionally.

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