DAPAS spol. s r.o.

Masarykovo nam 66, Konice 798 52
Our company was established in 1996 and today we are one of the largest specialists in packaging materials in the Czech Republic.
From our wide range of products you can choose any packaging material for various uses.
Packaging materials are manufactured and supplied in many variations, according to the client's requirements.
The main product of our company is a polyethylene film from which we produce sacks, bags, carrying bags etc.
We specialize mainly in the production of LDPE film, hoses, semi-hoses for group packing for industry but as well as for smaller plants.
We can also provide printing of the films in up to six colours.

- LDPE films
- HDPE films
- Bubble films
- Windings
- Stretch films
- Carrying bags.

Warehouse Chmelnice 5, 79852 Konice

  • covering plastic films, construction foils, bubble wraps, LDPE and stretch films, plastic crates and boxes, plastic bottles and cans, plastic barrels and buckets, plastic containers

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Sale of packaging materials, bubble wraps, sacks and bags, the Czech Republic

Sale of packaging materials, bubble wraps, sacks and bags, the Czech Republic

Are you looking for a company that sells packaging materials, bags, sacks and bubble wraps? Then do not hesitate and contact our company in the Czech Republic! Plastic products supplying, including transport to the customer. We supply packaging materials to industrial companies, warehouses, smaller customers and tradesmen. Our products: - LDPE foils - hoses, semi-hoses - sacks - sachets - bags - bubble wraps, etc. More information and the complete portfolio of products are to be found at our website.