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The main activity of the Oto Filipi company in Prostějov is the production, sale and assembly of towing equipment. We sell bike carriers. We hold a certificate of assembly. We operate an LPG filling station.

We manufacture and sell towing equipment for vehicles:
- personal
- delivery
- freight
- off-road.

We are a direct manufacturer of towing equipment - it guarantees short delivery times and unbeatable prices.

We provide a 10% discount when purchasing storage equipment.

Our other activity is also the sale of bike carriers for towing equipment.

All towing devices supplied by us are homologated according to:
- European standards EC 94/20
- towing devices for older types of vehicles have a national certificate "8SD Certificate"

We operate an LPG filling station:
- Mon-Friday open 7-18, Sat 8-13
- Possibility of payment by card
- additional sale of PB bottles - 2, 5, 10, 33 kg

We own a "Certificate for installation" on all types of equipment sold by our company:
- the customer does not have to go to the MOT with the newly mounted towing device
- just visit the Department of Transport and Administration Agendas at the Municipal Office, where the towing device will be entered in the technical card for an administrative fee.

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