SV vyrobni, s.r.o.


Výroba pružin

SV vyrobni, s.r.o. is a company from the Czech Republic, a member of the European Union, with many years of production experience. It focuses on metalworking and manufacture of evolute, helical and leaf springs, including spring elements. We operate not only in the whole Czech and Slovak Republic, but also abroad.

Our manufacturing programme:
- conical band springs - evolute springs
- helical springs
- leaf springs
- spring elements
- compression springs
- tension springs
- metalworking
- pressing.

Springs are used for spring mounting of rail, road vehicles, machine parts, also as shock absorbers in elevators, blast furnaces and pipeline distribution.

Service and support:
- spring design and calculation
- spring design and construction
- optimization of parameters
- counselling on spring construction
- checking of spring parameters
- testing of springs.

The springs are manufactured from cold semi-finished products and hot rolled strips and sheets, hot rolled bars.

A supplier for Czech and Hungarian railways. Spare parts for railways in Slovenia, Serbia, Poland. Industrial springs for engineering, metallurgy and ore processing.

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Machining, turning and milling work


Metal semifinished products




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