Ing. Igor Vasko, PhD. - Tom Speed

Alexandra Rudnaya 2305/45, Zilina 010 01

  • machining work, turning and lathe work, milling work, round grinding, flat grinding, CNC machining
  • metal jet blasting, metal varnishing, metallization of metals, hot metal plating, application of coating systems, electroplating of jointing material
  • improvement of organisation performance, employee motivation, managerial coaching, managerial corporate governance, strategic management
  • security locks, self-locking door locks, security door fittings, electromotive locks, electromechanical locks, mechanical locks, key production, key duplicates
  • electronic equipment, white goods, hygiene articles, household equipment, musical instruments
  • foundry products, foundry services, products for steel industry, mine reinforcement and bracing, road crash barriers, production of castings
  • engineering production, metal processing, steel structures, building metalworking, structures welding, metal machining

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