Jozef Hatala ZP

Csl. armady 1362/19, Humenne 066 01

  • online taxi, fast passenger transport, transport by passenger cars, drink service
  • machining work, turning and lathe work, milling work, round grinding, flat grinding, CNC machining
  • wrapping in paper and cellophane, packaging into bags, sealing in plastic film, ribbon tying, packing in gift boxes
  • electronic equipment, white goods, hygiene articles, household equipment, musical instruments
  • distribution of agricultural machinery, fodder turning machines, round ball presses, mulching machines and crushers, trench mowers, combine harvesters and harvest lines
  • beer barrels and kegs, production of cans, manufacture of food tins, metal drums production, manufacture of metal buckets, varnished tins, cans for chemicals
  • sales of cardboard boxes, cut paper boxes, flap cardboard boxes, print boxes
  • sales and distribution of petrol, diesel, natural gas, antifreeze to diesel
  • sawmill production, coniferous joinery timber, broadleaved joinery timber, lumber impregnation, planing of lumber, work with timber loader
  • waterworks facilities, water mains and sewerage system, water treatment and purification, drinking water distribution, water-supply lines
  • vehicle diagnostics, general engine overhauls, motor oil replacement, repairs of transmissions, shock absorber replacement, car service
  • catering facility with restaurant, sitting over coffee with friends, hot meals and meals a la minute, brewery beer restaurant, wine cellars
  • simple masonry works, concrete laying, brick wall erection, assembly of prefabricated parts, surface finish of masonry structures
  • carpet laying, floor renovations, floor coverings, basis flatness measuring, smoothing with levelling compound
  • tinning and blackening, decorative chrome plating, anodizing and phosphating, galvanic nickel coating, sanding and polishing, hot-dip galvanizing
  • logistic services, storage spaces, warehouse networks, storehouse rental, bonded warehouse
  • goods for schools, office product range, school exercise books, writing pads and notebooks, paper wrapping, papers and cardboards

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