Jozef Svidran - Matromap

Janosikova 953/45, Polomka 976 66

  • engineering drawings, material processing, milling machine operation, sand blasting of small parts, annealing of metal parts, tool manufacture
  • security locks, self-locking door locks, security door fittings, electromotive locks, electromechanical locks, mechanical locks, key production, key duplicates
  • construction piles, building micropiles, underground walls, rock anchors, jet grouting, shoring of foundation pit
  • manual tools, pneumatic tools, workshop equipment, electrical tools, floor-laying tools, rotary tools
  • foundation excavations, excavations for heat pumps, pool pit excavations, earth movement, demolition works
  • all manual work, custom craftsman work, handmade work, other professions and services

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