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Zamecka 97
Plumlov 798 03

Kamenictvi Karel Otruba

Stonework Karel Otruba is based on a long-term stone-sculpture tradition, which means that our stonework is always of high quality. We can make everything from stone kitchen worktops or fireplace tiles to window sills and stairs. We focus on sites such as Prostejov and Olomouc. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Our experienced stonemason will provide stone and stone sculptures according to your wishes, including the repair of architectural and stone elements.

What we focus on:
- monument and sculpture work (production, repair)
- restoration stone sculptural work
- sacral architecture
- monuments
- covering the grave

- font cutting
- sacrificial tables
- ambon
- sculptural decoration of monuments
- Restoration of crosses and statues.

Custom made stone accessories for your apartment and house:
- kitchen worktops (stone kitchen worktops)
- staircases, stairs
- fireplaces
- window sills (window sills)
- shelves for showcases and cabinets
- home and kitchen accessories.

Stone garden architecture made of natural sandstone:
- Japanese lamps
- washbasins
- fountains.

Materials used:
- various types of granite, marble, sandstone, domestic (Liberec granite, Tisová granite)
- export materials mainly from the Italian company Ca'D'ORO.

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Kamenictvi Karel Otruba
Zamecka 97
Plumlov 798 03
GPS: 49°27′56.45″ N, 17°0′49.72″ E

49°27′56.45″ N, 17°0′49.72″ E

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Ing. Johana Otrubova
Prostejovicky 124
Prostejovicky 798 03
GPS: 49°25′29.96″ N, 16°59′49.81″ E

49°25′29.96″ N, 16°59′49.81″ E

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Zamecka 97
Plumlov 798 03
+420 736 614 003

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