Kamina, s.r.o.

Dolne Rudiny 1, Zilina 010 01
Sales, e-shop, assembly, construction:
- fireplaces
- stoves, tiled stoves
- fireplace inserts
- stoves
- boilers
- pizza ovens
- grills

- wood briquettes

  • radiator fittings, control valves and fittings, stop valves, fittings for drinking water, heating devices
  • sales of fireplace inserts, fireplace cleaners, fireplace lighters, fireplace grilles, fireplace tools, sales of ash cleaners
  • sales of all fossil fuels, distribution of black coal, brown coal, coal briquettes, coke
  • anhydrous fermentative alcohol, fatty acid methyl esters, mixed diesel oil, vegetable oil, modified biogas

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