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The main activity of the company LASKI, s.r.o., based in Smrzice in the Czech Republic, which is part of the EU, is the production and supply of professional municipal equipment. Our core products include stump cutters, wood chippers, grooving machines (trenchers) and leaf vacuum cleaners. We supply and sell our products throughout the Czech Republic, but most of our production goes abroad.

As already mentioned, LASKI s.r.o. is a manufacturer of forestry and agricultural machinery. The first of our products are stump cutters. These are designated for milling wooden stumps, or for milling their above-ground and underground parts. The cutters are available in manual or remote control. We also have stump cutters with hydraulic control or with an internal combustion engine, which are designated to be hang on a construction machine.

As for wood chippers, they are great for destroying branches, trunks, shrubs, bark and other above-ground parts of plants. They are also excellent for the production of wood chips from the mentioned materials and also possibly for the disposal of unnecessary lumber (rods, boards or poles). Our range includes garden chippers, trailer-powered fuel or diesel with a braked chassis or also tractor chippers for both small tractors and conventional tractors.

Our products also include grooving machines (trenchers), which are useful for creating grooves on lawns, gardens, parks or playgrounds for laying water pipes or electrical cables, without moving a large amount of soil. We provide clients with manual and self-propelled grooving machines or mounted grooving machines (grooving arm) with a hydraulic drive. For work with the grooving machine, we also recommend an additional device - a peeler, which easily removes the grass carpet for easier use of the grooving machine.

The last item of our production is leaf vacuum cleaners, which will facilitate the work during the collection and loading of fallen leaves. We have available both hanging, but also connected (trailer) leaf vacuum cleaners for handling leaves, dry grass and municipal waste.

LASKI, s.r.o. is also the official representative and seller of KOHLER internal combustion engines and LOMBARDINI diesel engines for the Czech Republic.

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