Molux, s.r.o.

Remeniny 99, Remeniny 094 31

  • complete service of car repair shop, repairs of cars, repairs of trucks, replacement of car parts
  • accountancy processing, financial and managerial accounting, tax processing, audit services, financial statement audits, audits of economic reports
  • metal material turning, metal turning, metal grinding, aluminium milling, aluminium shaping, cnc machining
  • treatment of secondary raw materials, purchase and processing of metals, recycling of construction debris, economical use of waste
  • electronic equipment, white goods, hygiene articles, household equipment, musical instruments
  • waterworks facilities, water mains and sewerage system, water treatment and purification, drinking water distribution, water-supply lines
  • complex dog feed, cat feed, rodent feed, fish feed, complementary animal feed
  • material testing, machines and equipment testing laboratory, gauges testing room, accredited laboratory
  • sawmill products, construction timber, processed solid wood, boards and planks, roof battens, squared timber and rafters

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