FRANKIE spol. s r.o.

Střechy na klíč - realizace, opravy a rekonstrukce všech typů střech

  • sheet metal roofs, slate slabs, burnt roofing tile, ridge tile and plain tile, asphalt coating, wooden shingle
  • roof insulation, terrace insulation, understructure insulation, running water insulation, heat insulation
  • installation of gutters, window sills sheeting, laying of roofs, replacement of roof covering, thermal insulation of roofs, standing seam roof panel installation
  • manufacture roof trusses, roof timber repairs, production of gazebos and pergolas, manufacture shelters and sheds, manufacture of wooden huts, log cabin production, manufacture of wooden houses

Czech Companies:    Insulation work,  Roof coverings,  Roofing and plumbing work,  Timberwork, Carpentry,