Tlaciarne Pardon, s.r.o.

Jilemnickeho 23, Trencin 911 01

  • all manual work, custom craftsman work, handmade work, other professions and services
  • Internet advertising, advertising in print media, television and radio advertising, advertising strategy, media plan creation, evaluation of advertising campaigns
  • digital printing, colour printing, black-and-white printing, screen printing, work documents print, textile printing, copying services, large format print
  • production of printed materials, specialized journals, dailies publisher, magazine market, publishing activities, documents publishing
  • specialized books, foreign language dictionaries, textbooks for secondary school students, student discounts, textbooks for primary schools, university textbooks, fiction literature, non-fiction literature, books on cooking, detective stories
  • electronic equipment, white goods, hygiene articles, household equipment, musical instruments
  • wedding photographs, studio photographing, exterior photographing, product photographs, photograph retouching
  • direct import of fruit, exotic fruit, potatoes, salads, season vegetables, herbs, dry fruit
  • publishing houses, periodical publications, daily press, domestic and foreign news, newspaper subscription

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