Valeria Ordoghova

Velka Pazit 47, Velky Kyr 941 07

  • catering facility with restaurant, sitting over coffee with friends, hot meals and meals a la minute, brewery beer restaurant, wine cellars
  • sanitary agents, cleaning agents, disinfecting agents, washing agents, cleaning detergents, cosmetic preparations
  • electronic equipment, white goods, hygiene articles, household equipment, musical instruments
  • goods of vegetable or animal origin, other crops, supplementary agricultural commodities
  • workshop tools, files and rasps, vices, grinding wheels, screwdrivers, hammers and axes, iron nails
  • cigarettes and cigars, liquids, tobacco, water pipes, cigar accessories, cigarette accessories, lighters
  • distribution of agricultural machinery, fodder turning machines, round ball presses, mulching machines and crushers, trench mowers, combine harvesters and harvest lines

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