Vlastimil Holpit - Autogas

Komenskeho 31, Bardejov 085 01

  • flats for rent, houses for rent, offices for rent, commercial premises to let, storage spaces for rent
  • laser printers, inkjet printers, digital scanners, roll laminators, office creasing machines, office perforators, ring binders, office cutters and shredders
  • accountancy processing, financial and managerial accounting, tax processing, audit services, financial statement audits, audits of economic reports
  • catering facility with restaurant, sitting over coffee with friends, hot meals and meals a la minute, brewery beer restaurant, wine cellars
  • metal jet blasting, metal varnishing, metallization of metals, hot metal plating, application of coating systems, electroplating of jointing material
  • publishing of periodicals, book publishing, music publishing, publisher's activity, publishing supplementary publications
  • other consumer goods, kitchen accessories, bathroom accessories, living room accessories
  • clothes for children, baby goods, children's sweatshirts, tracksuits, winter jackets, T-shirts and pyjamas
  • men's trousers, underwear, formal shirts, black suits, denim trousers, short sleeve T-shirts, men's sweaters and jumpers, sports sweatshirts
  • diesel oil, motor petrol and gasoline, kerosene and natural gas, propane and butane, rocket fuel, hydrogen fuel
  • sawmill products, construction timber, processed solid wood, boards and planks, roof battens, squared timber and rafters
  • metal material turning, metal turning, metal grinding, aluminium milling, aluminium shaping, cnc machining
  • ladies´ wear, ladies´ t-shirts, ladies´ trousers, ladies´ tights, ladies´ coats, ladies´ skirts, ladies´ tops
  • car overhauling, automobile maintenance, complete car repair shop services
  • passenger car sale, servicing of passenger cars, car showroom
  • portraits, calendars and photo books, wedding photo, glamour photo, professional photographic services, advertising photography

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