Zatko, s.r.o.

Kuzmanyho 902, Povazska Bystrica 017 01

  • accountancy processing, financial and managerial accounting, tax processing, audit services, financial statement audits, audits of economic reports
  • cultural and educational centres, social centres, arranging balls and concerts, organization of events, art agencies
  • soil excavation, landscaping, earthwork for utility networks, loading and transportation of soil, strengthening of surfaces
  • business consulting, management consultancy, corporate strategy creation, development of competency models, performance management counselling
  • billboard rent, marketing campaign organisation, brand building, marketing surveys
  • electronic equipment, white goods, hygiene articles, household equipment, musical instruments
  • water means of transport, surface vessels, submarines and tugs, passenger transport, cruise ships, freight shipping transport
  • research activity, research project implementation, field research, development laboratories
  • special bodywork extensions, truck sales, aluminium tilted implements, trailers
  • small mechanisation, utility machines, precise technology and equipment, electronic equipment
  • car overhauling, automobile maintenance, complete car repair shop services
  • carpet laying, floor renovations, floor coverings, basis flatness measuring, smoothing with levelling compound
  • geotechnical survey, construction of underground walls, jet grouting, excavation work, foundation plates

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