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Pack Shop is engaged in online sales of various packaging and boxes. In South Moravia and Brno everyone will appreciate our bag-in-box systems and paper wine bags for two bottles. You can choose from different shapes and sizes. Very desirable is also bubble foil, which protects your goods from damage.

All the goods that our company offers in its e-shop is always in stock, which gives you the possibility of immediate collection. In case you do not choose from our finished products, we will offer you individual non-standard packaging according to your requirements, we are ready for anything.

You can buy our products in our e-shop, which offers convenient shopping from home. You can also visit us in the stone shops located in Prague and Opava.

At PACK SHOP you can find these packages:

- bag-in-box system
- bubble and stretch foil
- wine containers for one to six bottles
- paper wine bags
- foils, fixations and fillers
- flap boxes - three-layer or five-layer cardboard
- shipping containers and moving boxes
- ski lockers and pull-out boxes
- foldable one-piece or two-piece boxes
- food boxes
- natural gift boxes or windows
- colorful paper boxes
- extruded polystyrene or wood wool
- bags, belts, sacks and bags
- bundling elastic bands
- binders, drawers and office paper
- mail-order packaging

In addition to packaging, we provide customers with a range of related services and benefits:

- possibility to take one piece
- delivery within 24 hours
- experience over 22 years
- own production.

Our qualified teams work closely with customers during the development phase. We also have great professional experience in:

- logistics
- recycling,
- co-packing services
- packaging automation.

We look forward to working with you.

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