Uctarna na strese s.r.o.

Dlouha tr. 460/1, Havirov 736 01
Telephone: +420 596 412 360

Accounting firm Roof accountant s.r.o. in Havířov specializes in accounting and tax records services. We provide bookkeeping and accounting, tax records and tax returns, payroll and human resources.

We have years of experience in bookkeeping since 1994.

Now we also have a VAT refund service for you - from all European Union countries - Poland, Slovakia, Germany, France, Hungary and Austria. This is a service intended for VAT payers buying abroad fuel, accommodation, etc. We will process a refund of VAT for a commission of 3-6%. All we need is a copy of the documents and a power of attorney.

Accounting and tax office:
- accounting,
- tax records,
- wages,
- tax and accounting advice,
- expert opinions,
- control,
- setting up a limited liability company,
- tax information box,
- arranging accreditation for retraining courses,
- accounting and tax accounting courses,
- processing of reports and tax returns,
- representation in offices,
- economic and financial advice.

Tax consulting for:
- Individuals,
- legal entities,
- sole traders,
- multinational corporations and others.

Accounting and tax records for:
- Individuals,
- legal entities,
- organizational units of foreign entities,
- a doctor,
- nonprofit organizations,
- professional athletes, etc.

Human Resources and Turnkey:
- processing,
- employer and employee applications and deregistrations,
- tax clearance for the year,
- communication with authorities (electronically).

We also provide some office service if you have little time, for example, on vacation and away from the office:
- issuing invoices,
- data box operation,
- communication with customers,
- preparation of tenders,
- bank documents,
- supporting documents for grants,
- processing of registrations and permits and many others.

Reg. No.: 05066921
VAT No.: CZ05066921
District: Karvina
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: limited company
Employees: unspecified
Turnover: unspecified
Contact person: Ing. Renáta Šotkovská

+420 596 412 360



Contact persons:
Ing. Renata Sotkovska
tel: +420 775 292 208
email: uctarnanastrese@post.cz

Working time:
Pondeli - Patek: 6.00-15.00

GPS: 49°46′48.86″ N, 18°25′55.6″ E

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