REKMA, spol. s r.o.

Specialized company REKMA, spol. s r.o. based in Břeclav disposes of modern travel technology. We offer machines for repair and maintenance of roads, which extend the life of concrete and asphalt surfaces of motorways, roads, bridges, parking areas, airports or industrial floors. We will also help you with the right choice of used materials.

We work closely with the American company CRAFCO and are therefore a distributor of materials and machinery of this company that offers:
- complete system of machines
- grout
- repair materials
- sealing cords
- geocomposites
- impregnation of cement-concrete surfaces
- rejuvenation and preservation of asphalt-concrete surfaces
- hot recycling.

In addition to road repair materials, you will also find machines for their application. Machinery for the maintenance and repair of road surfaces is the highest quality in the world market - great quality, performance and user comfort.

The products also include Crafco grout stoves, which are characterized by an unrivaled speed in heating the material to the application temperature, minimum maintenance and cleaning requirements, high performance and safety. Cookers are available in several sizes:
- mini cookers Mini - 37 and 110 liters
- SuperShot cookers with heated hose - 227 and 473 liters
- cookers EZ 500 (500 liters) with choice of heated or unheated hose.

The best choice for crack preparation is the CRAFCO Pavement Cutter 200, which is also available in our range. It is a powerful machine with adjustable width and depth of cut, which mills cracks in asphalt and concrete surfaces. Simple operation, long service life and high performance make this machine the best-selling wild cracker in the world.

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