TEZA Hodonin, prispevkova organizace
sportovni zarizeni


Víceúčelová sportovní hala

The company TEZA Hodonín, a contributory organization, is the operator of sports and physical education facilities in the city of Hodonín. We manage a sports hall, winter stadium, outdoor playground and sports complex. Our sports ground is used for regeneration, reconditioning and leisure time.

Multipurpose sports hall:
- Lipová alley 4110/23, Hodonín
- central multipurpose hall with a height of 14 m
- table tennis hall
- hall for aerobics and physical education
- fitness
- Finnish sauna with cooling pool
- massage baths-whirlpools
- massages - regenerative, reconditioning and sports
- non-smoking bar, restaurant with a capacity of 50 seats
- spacious training room with modern technology.

Winter stadium:
- Tyršova 3588/10, Hodonín
- operation of ice sports
- restaurant
- office space.

Sports complex U Červených domků:
- Josefa Suk 3584/41, Hodonín
- football field
- athletic oval with artificial surface
- athletic sectors for long jump, high jump, pole vault, shot put, javelin throw, hammer throw and discus throw
- mini playground (dimensions 40 x 20 m) for ball sports
- hockey field
- Three tennis courts.

Outside playground:
- There are three outdoor playgrounds available for the citizens of Hodonín
- two multipurpose with an artificial surface on Očovská Street and on Mírové náměstí - suitable for volleyball, basketball, football, tennis
- on Brandlova street near the Black Bridge there is a skate playground.

TEZA Hodonín is a contributory organization that enables the citizens of the city of Hodonín to enjoy sports activities in the city's physical education facilities. You can find the headquarters at Tyršova 3588/10, Hodonín.

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