Sedlarstvi Moravcova

Nadrazni 252, Jablonne nad Orlici 561 64
Sedlářství Pavlína Moravcová, based in Jamný nad Orlicí, specializes in the production and repair of leather products. I make harnesses for draft and riding horses, products for hunters, bikers and roofers. Most products are hand-sewn.

Saddlery, production, repairs:
- harnesses for horses
- Halters
- bridles
- čabraky
- reins, leashes
- aides, graveyards
- abdominals
- hunting supplies
- cases for knives, shotguns, ammunition
- belts, cartridge belts
- hunting handbags, cables
- motorcycle equipment
- bags, satchels
- saddles
- plumbing pockets
- assembly bags
- wallets, bracelets, belts.

I am constantly learning new things in my craft and I am constantly improving. If you are interested in my offer, do not hesitate to contact me.

  • equipment for motorcyclists, motorcycle accessories, sale of moto accessories, spare moto parts, equipment for motorcycles
  • arts and crafts, blacksmithery and carpentry, plastic art and sculpture, leather and fur processing, goldsmithery
  • dog and cat breeding aids, dog feed, rodent breeding aids, sales of rodent cages, accessory feed, sales of small rodents
  • metal belt clamps, decorative sequins, plastic beads, organza and laces, buttons, glued stones, leather haberdashery

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