Jicinska 414, Mlada Boleslav - Mlada Boleslav III 293 01
We work mainly in the field of pumping equipment, water distribution and waste water treatment.
We provide comprehensive service in water and industry.

We are playfully in the field of technological units, but also the sale of products for the repair of pumps and other machines, and last but not least, in the sale of industrial valves.

We provide the following services:

 - Expert advice
 - Repair of pumps
 - Service and operation of sewage and water treatment plants
 - Emergency service 24 hours / 365 days a year
 - Diagnosis of problems at the customer
 - Installation proposals
 - Turn-key deliveries of technological units
 - Technology projects

We provide sales of this assortment:
 - Pumps including accessories
 - Vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors
 - Bearings, bearing houses
 - Plumbing and drainage fittings
 - Sealing materials
 - V-belts
 - Adhesives
 - Oil seals
 - Cuff
 - Wiper rings
 - Ringlets

Visit us in Mladá Boleslav. Monday to Friday 7:30 to 16:30.

Branch in Mladá Boleslav
Jičínská 414
29301 Mlada Boleslav

Branch Manager:
Lenka Vikova: mb@cerpadlavrchlabi.cz
Phone + 420 326 210 420
Mob. +420 733 747 736

  • radiator fittings, control valves and fittings, stop valves, fittings for drinking water, heating devices
  • water treatment, sewage treatment, home water purification plant, equipment for water management, environmental projects
  • spraying equipment, air dryers, pressure vessels, vacuum pumps and blowers, pumping equipment

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