KMOTR - Masna Kromeriz a.s.

  • meat products, sausages and smoked meats, beef and pork, chicken and turkey, meat specialities, meat carving and packing, meat to order

Food production, production, sale:
- KMOTR meat products
- durable sausages
- Kroměřížský Poličan, Kroměřížský Herkules, Garlic durable salami, Saturn, Kroměřížská Vysočina, Hunting salami, Kroměřížský rural salami, Paprikáš, Pepé, Capone, Spicy
- durable sausages vacuum packed - minimum shelf life 3 months at 20 ° C
- Fermented sausages
- Party sausages, Garlic sausage, Danube sausage, Fire sausage, Devil's sausage, Godfather's classic sausage, spicy, delicato
- Sausages with nuts, Sausages with nuts
- Sliced sausages,
- Gift package
- limited edition salami - Divočák, Hubert, Svatomartinský, Holiday salami with Brazil nuts
- Gift baskets
- soft sausages:
- Ham salami, Gothaj, Snack salami
- cooked and baked meat products, poultry products:
- Pusher, Pusher special, Liver brick, Pâtés, Meatloaf, Drowned, Marinated knee, Chicken aspic, Baby ham
- smoked meat, specialties, bacon:
- Debrecen Roast, Moravian Smoked, Boneless Ham, Shepherd's Bacon, Garlic Side, Peasant Smoked Meat, Hostýn Meat, English Bacon, Orava Bacon, Haná Ham
- small meat products:
- Špekáčky, Viennese sausages, Tramp cigar, Debrecen sausages, Sausage buffet, Sausage kabanos, Havířská sausage, Football sausage, Moravian sausages, Cigar with boar meat, Sausage with deer meat, Sausage with Niva cheese

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KMOTR - Masna Kromeriz a.s.


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