Green Waste Services, s.r.o.
Odpadove hospodarstvi Semily

  • work with waste, waste storage, waste handling and management, rubbish dump operation, waste collection yard running

  • collection of batteries, paper collecting, sorted waste purchase, hazardous waste collection, collecting electronic waste, collecting biological waste

  • installation of waste basket networks, waste separation, waste disposal, direct recycling, indirect recycling

Green Waste Services, s.r.o. provides comprehensive services in the field of waste management. We focus not only on the collection, purchase or disposal of waste, but also provide processing, recycling or treatment for its further use. We run a collection of raw materials, where we buy all non-ferrous metals, plastic and paper. We also dispose of hazardous waste.
Other activities we perform are cleaning of clogged sewers, removal of accidents and restoration of the throughput of sewers. We offer ecological consulting to municipalities and businesses, including the processing of applications for waste management, and we also supply waste containers for sorting individual raw materials.

Waste management services:
 - collection, purchase of waste, including hazardous waste
 - transport and storage of hazardous waste
 - disposal, recycling of waste
 - environmental consultancy for businesses and municipalities
 - supply of waste containers
 - shredding of business documents by thermal means
 - Accredited sampling of waste and waste water, laboratory analysis and protocol writing
 - sewage cleaning and accident elimination.

Collecting materials, purchase, recycling:
 - we buy: non-ferrous metals, iron, plastics, paper, wastes containing precious metals, CuSn4-10 and tin, wastes based on plastic and metal
 - sorting, recovery of waste.

Our company has its own collection technology and uses modern technologies for recycling and processing of secondary raw materials. The establishment is located at Tyršova 20, Rovensko pod Troskami.

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