Objizdna 1628, Otrokovice 765 02

  • electric cables, power adaptors, rechargeable batteries, home switches, house sockets, motion sensors, frequency converters, electrical conductors
  • heavy current distribution systems, electrical wiring, wiring repairs, electrical equipment service, door bell wiring, intercom wiring, preparation of CATV wiring, Internet connection preparation
  • water line digging, sewerage digging, underground utility construction, construction of surface roads, pavement and sidewalk construction, landscaping and ground work
  • fire extinguishers servicing, hydrant systems, fire hydrants, foam fire extinguishers, powder extinguishers, water extinguishers, snow extinguishers, mobile fire extinguishers
  • inland truck transport, inland transport of oversized loads, haulier liability insurance
  • international parcel service, international full-truck load transport, international logistics and transport, truck transport
  • online taxi, fast passenger transport, transport by passenger cars, drink service
  • custom metalworking, staircases and railings, gates and fences, steel structures, locksmith production, locksmithery services

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