Ocni optik Mezirka - Mgr. Zdenek Mezirka

Ophthalmologist Mezírka is an ophthalmologist specializing in optometry in Zlín. It measures eyesight while you wait - the so-called refraction.

For sale we have sunglasses, eyeglasses, multifocal glasses, contact lenses, spectacle lenses and spectacle frames. Perform repairs glasses.

We have many years of experience in the field of eye optics and contact lens application. Our professional staff will be dedicated to you individually. Come and choose from our wide range of spectacle frames.

 - sight measurement
 - application of contact lenses
 - making spectacles without prescription
 - expert advice
 - gift cards.

 - we perform eye measurements while you wait, your optometry is measured by a qualified optometrist specializing in vision correction with the most modern instrument, we measure diopters and other eye parameters.

Self-staining glasses:
 - we offer Transitions self-stained glass
 - you only have one pair of spectacles and sunglasses at the same time and protect your eyes
 - lenses adapted to light intensity and UV radiation.

Contact lens application and sale:
 - with us you can try the application of contact lenses
 - lenses are suitable for holidays, sports or you can completely replace glasses
 - we also offer anti-reflective EyeDrive lenses suitable for drivers
 - our qualified staff will advise you.

Multifocal glasses:
 - ensure sharp vision at all distances
 - solve the problem of those who need glasses at a distance or close
 - you only need one glasses for all-day use

Color correction:
 - we perform color vision or color blindness examination
 - If you don’t recognize red from green or have a problem with color differentiation, we’ll help you
 - we have a solution - revolutionary special glass technology.

Speed, warranty, reliability.

Quality certificate, certification:
 -Authorized Contactologist Bausch & Lomb.

Retail, sale:
 - spectacle frames and all types of spectacle lenses
 - sunglasses
 - sports glasses
 - sports eyeglasses
 - multifocal glasses
 - spectacle accessories
 - contact lenses and solutions.

Sales exhibition, exhibition of art gallery.

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Ocni optik Mezirka - Mgr. Zdenek Mezirka


Trida Tomase Bati 751
Zlin 760 01

+420 577 210 509

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