Knoflikarsky prumysl Zirovnice a.s.

  • metal pressing, eccentric presses, pressing automatons, sheet metal pressing, sheet metal pressed pieces

  • manufacture of single-purpose machines, production of injection moulds, tool works services

  • tinning and blackening, decorative chrome plating, anodizing and phosphating, galvanic nickel coating, sanding and polishing, hot-dip galvanizing

  • metal belt clamps, decorative sequins, plastic beads, organza and laces, buttons, glued stones, leather haberdashery

  • electronic components, measuring instruments, navigation equipment, power supply units, transformers and transistors, electric installation material

Company Knoflíkářský průmysl Žirovnice a.s. has been producing buttons and injection molding for the automotive industry for many years. We are one of the largest Czech button manufacturers, we supply buttons in a wide range of colors, patterns and materials, as well as jewelery items, accessories for the clothing or fashion industry.
The production program also includes headlight components for the automotive industry, we distribute our products to the world's largest automakers. We are also engaged in injection or metallization of plastics and we have a large-capacity tool shop for the production of injection molds.

Production, e-shop:
 - buttons of various colors and shapes, women, children, men
 - jewelery
 - buckles, tie buckles
 - cufflinks
 - decorative elements
 - Olive, ladies'
 - haberdashery.

Other activities:
 - production of components for automotive headlights
 - manufacture of plastic products for lighting technology
 - injection molding of plastics for the automotive industry
 - pressing, pressing shop
 - plastic surface finishes: magnetron sputtering, plastic coating, painting, sublimation
 - production of injection molds, tool shop.

Our company continues the long tradition of pearl buttons production, we gradually expanded our activities to the processing of plastics and production of headlights for cars. We are located at Tyršova 707, Žirovnice.

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