A company from the Czech Republic, member state of the European Union.

The OBILNÍ TECHNIKA, s.r.o. supplies pelletizing, granulating, postharvest and drying lines, grain dryers.

It provides supplies, assembly, service of machinery for postharvest treatment of grain and overall processing of biomass.

Supply, sale, installation of corn/ grain equipment.
Operating machinery:
-Postharvest grain treatment equipment
-Pelletizing and granulating line
-Postharvest and drying lines
-Cereals and sawdust bins
-Cereals and sawdust drying plants
-Equipment for rough cleaning, cleaning and drying of cereals.

Renovations and conversions:
-Unsatisfactory halls to grain stores - cellular storage method
-Forage tower silos Vitkovice to grain stores, drying plants, grain cleaning lines.

General overhauls, reconditioning:
-OTV 1000, OTV 1500 exchangers.

-Spare parts for BS-6 drying plants.

Repair, service, spare parts:
-RIELA equipment - drying plants, mixing plants, elevators, Redler conveyors, worms.

Counselling, consultation, design:
-In the field of grain equipment and technologies.

Czech Companies:    Agricultural machinery,  Reconstruction and revitalization,  Transport and handling equipment,  
Themes: pelletizing, granulating, drying, postharvest lines, Riela hot air grain dryers, BS-6, the Czech Republic