Oldrich Dvorak - vyroba smaltovanych ceduli

Miskovice 33, Trebovle - Miskovice 280 02
The company Oldřich Dvořák is engaged in the production of signs, orientation systems and promotional items from enamel. We focus on enameled information and advertising boards, replicas of old signs, production of heraldic signs of cities, municipalities or offices. The assortment of our products is very wide, you will certainly choose from our rich offer of brands and signs.

 - enamelled signs, boards, signs
 - enamelled orientation systems
 - information boards
 - promotional items for enamel
 - enamelled designation of organizations
 - replicas of old signs
 - heraldic signs of cities, towns and offices.

If you need to make enamelled signs of towns, villages, streets or houses, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to offer you our services and look forward to our cooperation.
You can find us at Miškovice 33 Třebovle, district Kolín.

  • sales of advertising objects, advertising object prints, gift packaging of advertising objects
  • manufacture of road signs, installation of retarders, horizontal traffic signing, traffic sign maintenance

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