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Dovozce stavebni vzduchotechniky

The company ventilators Zlín - Karel Ušela operates a shop with axial and radial fans. In our eshop you can buy also other assortment - heat recovery units, building air conditioning, electric heating.

Sales wholesale and retail.
For personal collection is our stone shop with fans and building air conditioning Zlín-Lužkovice.
Sales time:
 - Monday-Thursday 7.30-16.00, Friday 7.30-15.00

We are the exclusive suppliers of Europlast for the Czech and Slovak Republics - fans, bathroom, hoods, interior grilles, facades, flexo, plastic, galvanized pipes, fittings, air ducts.

Everything you need for clean and fresh air can be found in our eshop.
Sale, e-shop, e-shop:
Complete range of fans - axial and radial:
 - wall, pipe, roof, bathroom 12 volt, fireplace, fire, explosive, instrument, etc.

Recuperation units, controlled recuperation.

Building ventilation and air ducts:
 - metal and plastic air ducts, aluminum flexo hoses, ventilation grilles, fireplace wiring, diffusers, air conditioning.

In stock more than 300 types of ventilation grilles.

Hoods and hoods of brands CATA, MORA.
Aluminum profiles REVER.

Electric heating, heating:
 - static and dynamic electric storage stoves
 - electric heating convectors, heaters and radiant panels
 - electric heating cables, mats and foils for underfloor heating, hoby sets for amateur assembly
 - heating foils under floating floor.

Water heaters brands TATRAMAT, DRAŽICE, W TERM.

Spare parts:
 - for stoves, water heaters, accumulators, convectors, washing machines, dishwashers, microwaves, refrigerators, heaters, etc.

 - custom electric heating elements, according to supplied samples or catalog numbers:
   - heaters for stoves, washing machines, boilers, heating cartridges, ceramic elements and industrial use.

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Karel Usela - Ventilatory Zlin


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