Permanentni make-up

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Beauty salon Opava specializing in permanent makeup techniques.

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Permanent eyebrow makeup

Eyebrow lining
Drawing eyebrows using hair, a method using the nano needles of a tattoo machine, where the resulting 3D effect is based on fine shading and at the same time the use of multiple color shades

Blade method
Or microblading, the names for the method, which is done manually using a special pen, into which the blade is inserted, gradually replenishing the individual hairs until the desired shape of the eyebrows is achieved.

Full shaded eyebrows
The application ensures a holistic appearance, the emphasis is primarily on shape, not form, suitable for women with strong features, where haircutting does not bring the necessary effect

Combined method
blade method in combination with shading

Permanent lip makeup
revitalizing the lips with a natural fine contour

Beauty treatment

Surface skin cleansing
Necessary basic care for all skin types

Deep skin cleansing
Mechanically or instrumentally using ultrasound, especially suitable for oily skin types, or problematic skin during hormonal changes, peeling according to skin type, cosmetic massage

Stimulation of natural skin regeneration, the result is fresh and young-looking skin

Cosmetic massage of the face and décolleté
One of the most effective methods of slowing down the aging of the skin, increases the supply of nutrients to the surface layers of the skin, for relaxation and rest, release of tension, support of skin metabolism

Effective nutrition, hydration, skin shutdown

Final skin treatment

Instrument cosmetics

Skin treatment in the area of the face and décolleté
Treatment with a unique technology with patented galvanic currents with self-adjustment, in addition to deep cleansing activates cell breakdown, permeates pores, significantly reduces acne and various types of atopic eczema, activates lymph, relieves sacs and swelling in the face, slimming the face, very effective ironing wrinkles chin, softens glabel and deep nostrils and smoothes small wrinkles, improves overall skin tone and strengthens muscles in the face, neck, décolleté and hands

Cellulite reduction
Strengthen arms and smooth hands
Strengthening hair bulbs

Aesthetic treatment of eyebrows

Eyebrow shaping
Emphasis of the natural line of the eyebrows, I offer more sensitive clients the possibility of using local anesthetics, advice on eyebrow shaping

Eyebrow and eyelash coloring
A simple, affordable solution for clients who, for health reasons, cannot indulge in permanent make-up, or do not prefer this form of make-up for any reason

  • standard make ups, wedding make up, depilation and epilation, permanent make-up, permanent eyelash extension

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