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Top modern machines and technological lines for food processing, including spare parts, are supplied by the company Ing. Václav Kroupa SKANEKO. We represent global manufacturing companies in the field of food technology not only in the Czech Republic but also in Slovakia.

We provide a full range of solutions for various processing, sorting or production lines, whether it is the processing of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish or milk.

In the field of technological lines for processing vegetables and fruits, you can choose machines for processing carrots and other oblong vegetables, peelers of garlic and onions, machines for processing lettuce, beans or potatoes and other root vegetables. We also have machines for separating pulp from seeds, stoners and stalkers. In this area, we also supply fruit and vegetable washers or dryers, steam peeling lines, cutters, dices and slicers.

We also sell fish processing machines, namely cookers, filleters or devices for cutting the head and tail of fish or vacuum machines for cleaning fish when cooking. Freezers will also be a great help.

You can also buy lines for slicing, slicing or vacuum packaging of meat and other food products and products from us.

Our portfolio of machines and lines that will find application in the food industry also includes scales and combination scales, fat analyzers, fillers, cappers, lyophilizers, blankers, cookers, pasteurizers and cooling tunnels or vacuum cleaners.

In the Czech and Slovak market we represent companies such as CABINPLANT A / S, KROMA A / S, LIMITECH A / S, PIGO S.R.L., SORMAC B.V., TOMRA UNIMAC - GHERRI S.R.L. and other food technology manufacturers.

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