Obec Jestrabi

Jestrabi 1, Jestrabi 763 33
The village of Jestřabí is located in the northern part of the PLA White Carpathians and at the same time belongs to the ethnographic region of Wallachia. It stretches along the road leading from Slavičín to Brumov-Bylnice. The cadastre of the village has an area of 389 ha. Until 1976, the village of Kochavec also belonged to the village of Jestřabí.

Jestrábí is mentioned for the first time in historical written sources in 1503.

The local monuments include the chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary of the Holy Host (1927), it is a rural sacral building imitating the Neo-Romanesque style. In the village, near the chapel, there is a stone cross from 1906. There are traditional organizations such as the Volunteer Fire Brigade (since 1945), the Czech Red Cross (since 1953) and the Jestřabí Sports Club (since 2005).

In the village there is a general store, an inn and a cultural center. The railway line Brno - Vlárský prósmyk runs near Jestřabí with the nearest stop in Popov. The village is part of the Southern Wallachia Microregion.

  • allocation of descriptive number, population census, local fee administration, notarisation and legalisation, city and municipal police

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