MARIE - pohrebni sluzba Opava s.r.o.
pobocka mestsky hrbitov Opava

  • funeral home, crematorium ceremonial hall, coffins and funeral flowers, headstones and tombstones, farewell to deceased

MARIE - funeral service Opava s.r.o. In times of greatest sorrow, he offers you help with the complete provision of funeral matters.

We perform civil ceremonies in the funeral hall in Opava, in Slavkov and other places in the district of Opava, or we perform funerals in the church of Opava-Kateřinky, Kylešovice, Marianum, Jaktař, in the church of st. Spirit etc.

We have been providing complex funeral services in the Opava district for over 25 years. Our services offer help to survivors with arranging and arranging a funeral, organizing a funeral farewell, securing a grave, arranging cremation or transporting the deceased from the Czech Republic or abroad.

You can arrange all funerals in one place. We offer complete additional services:

- excavations of graves
- urns
- coffins
- funeral speech
- flower decoration
- funeral notices, etc.
- Print parte while you wait
- funeral notices
- professional speaker
- funeral ties
- Floral gifts, wreaths
- music (wind, reproduced)
- processing of death certificate
- Confirmation of the paragraph for the employer
- video-projection in the mourning hall
- we recommend quality stone work
- organized and individual shakes in the shake meadow of the Town Cemetery in Opava.

Our qualified and trained staff will take care of everything and know how to act in the given situation.
You can contact our nonstop line 602 786 770 at any time.

Basically, we will need you from your deceased ID card and the ID of the person who tells the funeral.

MOSER Legno s.r.o. is a long-term partner of our funeral service. whose services are of high quality with a wide selection of coffins. We are able to offer the survivors what they want.



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MARIE - pohrebni sluzba Opava s.r.o.


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+420 602 626 250

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