Ray Service, a.s.

Hustenovska 2022, Stare Mesto 686 03
Ray Service, a.s. from the Zlin region is a producer of cable harnesses and electromechanical assemblies in the Czech Republic.
At the same time it is a system integrator of the world's cable component manufacturers.
The distribution portfolio includes custom cables, special round MIL connectors, D-SUB connectors, air conductors, shrink tubing, soldering connectors and tools.

Partners: TE Connectivity, ITT Cannon, Esterline Souriau, Amphenol, Deutsch, Sumitomo, Raychem RPG, Glenair, Positronic and Brady.

Manufacture of cabling, cables, cable harnesses, electromechanical assemblies:
- for military, transport, aviation, automotive, motorsport, rail and special technology.

Distribution of cable components:
- military MIL connectors
- D-SUB connectors
- circular, special connectors
- air, MIL conductors
- shrink tubing
- shrinking solder connectors
- shaped parts and adhesives

The company also works in the field of electromechanical assembly - it will provide light electromechanical works, outsourcing for companies.

Prague location:
- Rohanske nabrezi 657/7, 180 00 Prague 8
Pavel Trubacik tel.:+420 727891705
email: info@rayservice.com
web: www.rayservice.com

  • outsourcing of company processes, rent of external resources, IT services outsourcing, HR administration outsourcing, outsourcing of accounting and bookkeeping, corporate costs reduction
  • electronic apparatuses, components of electronic devices, digital controllers, electronic relays, switchgears and switching devices
  • sales of military materials, military goods, army binoculars, paralysers, army knives

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Cabling, cable harnesses, connectors for motor sports – made in the Czech Republic

Cabling, cable harnesses, connectors for motor sports – made in the Czech Republic

The Czech firm Ray Service supplies cabling and connectors for motor sports. We manufacture custom cable harnesses and connectors in Staré Město outside of Uherské Hradiště in the Zlín Region. Ray Service supplies cabling, cable harnesses and connectors for motor sports and automobile and transport technology. As each of the projects we take on requires a different approach, we create custom solutions based on the needs of our clients. We respect all of the required standards and specifications, and we are able to manufacture products in a very short time. We collaborate with renowned brands in our production. We work with the Škoda Motorsport factory team in producing new cable harnesses for race cars. We are specialists in complicated cabling and use scale models to ensure that each harness is identical to the previous one. We use reverse engineering to replace old parts with new ones.