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ISOTRA a.s. z Opava is one of the most important producers and sellers of awnings, blinds, shutters, pergolas and other shading techniques.
With an emphasis on precision and quality of workmanship, a self-supporting ARTOSI bioclimatic pergola with an innovative and clean design was developed.

Bioclimatic pergola ARTOSI:

 - is manufactured with a high accuracy of up to 1 cm, allowing easy assembly and disassembly
 - it can be installed to a wall or house or it can be left stand alone with the possibility of moving the handstand to a distance of 1 m
 - great for any home
 - as the only pergola you really adapt

One of the biggest advantages of the pergola is the possibility of dividing the roof into several independent sections, which can be individually controlled according to the intensity of solar radiation.

Ventilation and shielding is possible in any part of the pergola, as you do not have to rely on only one roof setting.

In the interior you can easily integrate other screening elements are screen blinds and others.

The availability of ARTOSI self-supporting pergolas is available in three best-selling versions:

 - ARTOSI BASIC - 3 x 3 meters
 - ARTOSI LARGE - 4 x 4 meters
 - ARTOSI EXTRA - 4 x 6 meters

It can also be ordered to measure with a dimension limit, where it is:

 - length 1440 - 7000 mm
 - width 1000 - 4000 mm
 - height up to 3 000 mm

Pergola ARTOSI can be mounted as:

 - freestanding - the slats are parallel to the shorter side of the pergola, with a maximum dimension of 4 x 6 m and 4 x 2 m 7 x 4 m

 - into the wall - the slats are parallel to the shorter side, the wall is perpendicular to the shorter side or parallel to the slats, with the maximum dimension for 2 uprights 6 x 4 m and for 2 + 2 uprights 7 x 4 m

If you want to own a pergola ARTOSI just contact us via contact details or request form on our website.

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