Ustav pro hydrodynamiku AV CR, v. v. i.


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The Institute of Hydrodynamics was established in 1952 as the Laboratory for Water Management. He is currently part of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and his research focuses on fluid mechanics, hydrology, rheology and water treatment. It is located at Pod Paťankou 30/5, Prague.

Institute of Hydrodynamics.

Fluid mechanics:
- is a part of physics dealing with the balance and movement of fluids and fluid systems under the influence of external and internal forces
- the task of fluid mechanics is to explain the phenomena and processes arising in fluids and fluid systems using the laws of physics and to predict the behavior of fluids and fluid systems under certain conditions
- the study of the mechanics of fluids and fluid systems is focused on theoretical and experimental research of the flow of suspensions, the movement of particles and sediments in pipelines, in open profiles and tanks, the processes of mixing fluid systems ... etc.

- deals with the study of material flow and deformation
- The rheological group at the Institute of Hydrodynamics deals with the flow properties of mainly polymeric materials.

- deals with the laws of water circulation on Earth. The subject of hydrological research is the occurrence of water, its circulation, spatial distribution, physical and chemical characteristics and its relation to living organisms.

Water treatment:
- drinking water treatment is a technological sector, the aim of which is to achieve such properties that the requirements for water quality in terms of its further use are met
- the group of water treatment deals with the study of mechanisms of removal of problematic impurities from water, occurrence and characterization of microplastics in drinking water and also the influence of physico-chemical parameters and hydrodynamic conditions on the properties of flakes in conventional water treatment.

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